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Launched in early 2023, Monmude is a mental health company focused on the undeniable potential of gut and brain health to shape the future of mental wellness.

We have never before known so much about how what we put into our bodies affects mood and anxiety, yet see so little of that science in practice.

We've worked tirelessly with scientists and integrative doctors to design a way for people to transform their mental health using the basic building blocks of biology.

And this is only the beginning.

Why we exist

Something is desperately wrong with how the world is tackling the mental health epidemic.

We need to look beyond bandaid solutions, knee-jerk prescriptions and the mentality that our mental wellness is controllable by thought patterns alone.

Don’t get us wrong, these things all play a critical and even life-saving role! But even if they do work (and that's an "if"), when someone's microbiome or nutrient status is out of balance, the road to recovery will be steeper and longer.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Our formulas

Our formulas have been created in collaboration with our Chief Scientific Officer and leading integrative medical experts.

By incorporating scientists, doctors and other health practitioners into our product development, we don't just apply the latest scientific research. We're also able to apply what our experts see every single day with their patients. And this can make all the difference!

Finally, we are always seeking to improve our formula in line with scientific and industry developments, so our products are always the best on the market.

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