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Omega-3 Triple Stength
Brain Essentials

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Benefits:// Mood · Brain Function · Protection

Monmude™ Brain Essentials Omega-3 is a triple strength formula in triglyceride form for max effectiveness and absorption. The purity and concentration of our fish oil means smaller, easier to swallow capsules with no fishy burps!

See our Friend Of The Sea and Independent Heavy Metals Test certification.

· 60 capsules, 2 per day

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When you care for your brain
—big things happen.

When you care for your brain
—big things happen.

How it works


Did you know? Micronutrients and gut health are fundamental to the many biological processes that control our state of mind.


Micronutrients are fundamental to the production and synthesis of neurotransmitters like serotonin, GABA and dopamine - playing a huge role in mood, anxiety, concentration and memory.

Hormonal Balance

Nutritional imbalance, insufficient micronutrient intake, and excessive consumption of fat can result in dysregulation of stress hormones like cortisol.

Inflammation Regulation

Balanced inflammation fights intruders but also wreaks havoc on your mind when it’s in overdrive. An inflamed brain is an irritable mind. Nutrients are critical to supporting balanced inflammation pathways.




The quality difference

Superior triglyceride form

Friend Of The Sea Certified - view certificate

3rd Party Lab Tested - view results

Easy to swallow pill size & no fishy burps


+ Nutrition Facts
+ Directions

Omega-3 EPA


EPA is a type of omega-3 that reduces cellular inflammation. It's known for its mental wellbeing effects when taken in a higher EPA to DHA ratio. Unlike cheap alternatives, our EPA is in the super triglyceride form and is independently tested for heavy metals.

Supports prevention of depression

Fights against burnout

Improves cognitive function

Omega-3 DHA


DHA is a type of omega-3 that is a structural component of the human brain, skin and retina. It is vital for good brain health and development.Unlike cheap alternatives, our DHA is in the super triglyceride form and is independently tested for heavy metals.

Enhances sleep quality

Supports cognitive function

Contributes to healthy heart and eyes

Vitamin E Natural


Vitamin E helps protect brain cell membranes, because its antioxidant function shields the fat within the brain cells from harmful oxidation and damage.

Protects brain cells from oxidative stress

Promotes a healthy nervous system

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The Monmude difference.

Short cuts and poor standards lead to poor quality products.

Sadly, they all too common.

Monmude™ is committed to using proven ingredients at clinically effective doses, with no compromises.

Why we do this? So our products work.

Ask us anything.


Why hasn't my doctor mentioned better nutrition for my mental wellbeing?

Unfortunately, doctors don't tend to receive in-depth nutritional education throughout their careers. In fact, a recent UK study found that most doctors felt their nutrition training was inadequate, with >70% reporting less than 2 hours. They cited lack of knowledge, time and confidence as key reasons for not providing nutritional guidance to patients.


Is Omega-3 Triple Strength vegan-friendly?

No. Our Omega-3 Triple Strength fish oil is sourced from pure Peruvian anchovies (fish!) to ensure the high concentration of EPA & DHA needed to support mental wellbeing.


Does Omega-3 Triple Strength contain any allergens?

Our Omega-3 Triple Strength fish oil is free from nuts, egg, gluten, crustaceans, soybeans, lactose, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, lupin and molluscs.


Does Omega-3 Triple Strength contain gluten?

Nope, Omega-3 Triple Strength and all other Monmude products are gluten-free!


Is Omega-3 Triple Strength GMO-free?

Absolutely. Our Omega-3 Triple Strength and all Monmude products are GMO-free.


Where is Omega-3 Triple Strength made?

In today's world, sourcing Omega-3 fish oil with the highest confidence of quality and safety is no easy task. Here is how we source our fish oil.

01. The pure anchovies used in our Fish Oil are sourced from the cold and clean waters of Peru. We use anchovy because their small size and diet mean they are much lower in concentrated impurities like mercury compared to salmon or other fish oil sources.

02. The fish oil is then extracted, purified and encapsulated in China by our manufacturing partner who is GMP Certified and Friend Of The Sea Certified (the only sustainable fisheries certification process recognised and supervised globally by a National Accreditation Body). It is also tested for impurities and heavy metals at this point.

03. From there it then travels to the Netherlands where we source it directly under the European Food Safety Authority from a FSSC 22000 Certified facility.

04. Upon arrival into Singapore we send it to our independent lab partner for another round of 3rd party heavy metals testing.


Will Omega-3 Triple Strength give me fishy burps?

No fishy burps! Due to the high purity and quality of our fish oil and manufacturing process we don’t expect you to experience fishy burps and we’ve tested this ourselves. In saying that, every body is different and some people’s digestive systems just can’t avoid it. In that case, make sure you take it fresh from the fridge and feel free to experiment with taking it before, during or after a meal.


Why is fish oil in Triglycerides form superior to Ethyl Ester form?

Our Omega-3 Triple Strength is in superior triglyceride form. Triglycerides is the form of Omega-3 naturally found in fish and are 36-48% better absorbed than Ethyl Esther. Triglycerides are also more stable and therefore less susceptible to oxidisation or ‘going rancid’ meaning they don’t need an enteric coating to ‘hide’ their impure, fishy taste. Lots of big companies who don’t care as much about your health will use Ethyl Ester because it is far cheaper and less complex to produce.


Can I take Omega-3 Triple Strength if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Omega-3 EPA and DHA are usually prescribed during pregnancy for fetal brain development. In saying that, it is important that you get personalised advice from your health care practitioner prior to taking our Omega-3 Triple Strength or any other supplement in general.

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